Top 5 ways Prescription Orthotics help Kids Heel Pain (Severs)

Top 5 ways Prescription Orthotics help Kids Heel Pain (Severs)

Top 5 ways Prescription Orthotics help Kids Heel Pain (Severs) 1200 800 Absolute Footcare

Kids Heel Pain (Severs)

Calcaneal Apophysitis, also known as Severs is a common condition in active children experiencing heel pain. This condition typically affects those aged 8-16 years old, who participate in sports that require running and jumping. The pain is caused by inflammation in the growth plate of the heel. Even though this growth plate closes around the age of 16 years, we have not met one child who would rather be sidelined, resting the heels and missing out on all of those childhood memories. One of the most effective treatments for Sever’s disease is the use of prescription orthotics that provide support, stability, and pressure redistribution to the foot.

Here are five ways in which prescription orthotics can help relieve heel pain in children suffering from Sever’s disease:


Correcting Foot Mechanics

Prescription orthotics are designed to correct foot mechanics by providing support to the arch of the foot and promoting proper alignment. This can help reduce the strain on the heel bone and alleviate pain associated with Sever’s disease.


Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Orthotics are made with materials that provide cushioning and shock absorption, which can help reduce the impact on the heel bone during activities like running and jumping.


Reducing Overpronation

Overpronation, where the foot rolls inward excessively during walking or running, can contribute to the development of Sever’s disease. Prescription orthotics can help control overpronation by providing support to the arch and promoting proper foot alignment.


Customized Fit

Prescription orthotics are deisgned to the specific shape and needs of each child’s foot. This ensures a proper fit and optimal support, which can help improve comfort and reduce heel pain associated with Sever’s disease.


Long-Term Benefits

By addressing the underlying biomechanical issues that contribute to Sever’s disease, prescription orthotics can help not only relieve pain in the short term but also prevent recurrence of the condition in the future. This can allow children to continue participating in sports and activities without being hindered by heel pain. In conclusion, prescription orthotics are a valuable treatment option for children suffering from Sever’s disease.


By correcting foot mechanics, providing cushioning and shock absorption, reducing overpronation, offering a customized fit, and providing long-term benefits, orthotics can help alleviate heel pain and improve the quality of life for children with this condition. If your child is experiencing heel pain due to Sever’s disease, it’s time to take action now to stay on the field.

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