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What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are custom shoe insoles which comfortably align, cushion and improve the function of both adult and childrens feet.

Absolute Footcare Orthotics are most commonly used for foot discomfort and injury treatment but also as general support and prevention for your:

  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Knees
  • Hips; or
  • Back

At our Gold Coast & Brisbane based clinics we offer the latest 3D laser technology along with a thorough foot and lower leg assessment to get the best prescription for you and your feet.

All feet are different, so when we prescribe our orthotics we take into account your foot type, shoe type, medical history, activity levels and presenting problems.

Orthotics FAQs

What Orthotics Do

Orthotics help in many ways, here are some examples:

  • Realign your feet and lower limbs
  • Redistribute pressure throughout your foot
  • Reduce forces on muscles, joints and ligaments
  • Address the cause of many common foot and lower limb problems
  • Prevent musculoskeletal problems in the future
What types of Orthotics are available

With orthotics now being designed and manufactured using powerful CAD/CAM technology, the types of orthotics available are almost limitless. Specialty designs for different footwear types and activities are available to suit all of your needs as well as soft and flexible or firm and controlling materials based upon what you require. Just as there isn’t one shoe for every activity, there is no longer one orthotic style for every activity or shoe either.

Custom made orthotics

Absolute Footcare prescribe custom made and pre-made orthotics.

Custom made Orthotics
Custom made Orthotics have now been revolutionised at Absolute Footcare. Using state of the art 3D laser technology we capture the shape and structure of your individual feet in seconds. The latest computer software is combined with the prescription from your Podiatrist to modify your unique scan and an orthotic is created to fit your foot perfectly.

Computer Orthotics offer almost limitless design and style options. From polypropylene to EVA, from thin and flexible to extra support we can do it all. Even shoe specific orthotics are available eg. football boots, ski boots, running shoes, work boots and school shoes.

Now the highest quality and most comfortable orthotics are available to you.

Pre-made orthotics

Pre-made Orthotics
Pre-made Orthotics are available in different strengths and softnesses and are also available in 3/4 length and full length versions. These are ideal for correcting minor foot problems and for increasing comfort and reducing tiredness and pressure on the foot. They can be prescribed and fitted immediately.

Your sole responsibility

Even though orthotics realign you back to your natural walking pattern it may be necessary to allow your body some time to get used to wearing them.

Wear them gradually at first, increasing your time each day. Find a suitable, supportive and comfortable pair of shoes and we can make your orthotics to fit.


Will they need adjusting?

Digital Orthotics are now so precise that adjustments are usually not required. However, due to the large variation in shoe shapes and styles we often need to trim the orthotics to provide optimal fit.

Will they fit my shoes?

Digital orthotics can be made to fit any size shoe and they are much thinner and lighter than regular orthotics. With this in mind, an orthotic will always function better in a more supportive shoe so we still advise you to wear good fitting, comfortable shoes as much as possible, particularly when exercising or during periods of long walking or standing.

Due to the millions of different types of shoes available our friendly staff can advise you of the best styles to suit your individual feet and activities.
View our wide range of footwear.


Who foots the bill?

Absolute Footcare and your Private Health Insurance combine to give you ‘No Gap’* orthotics. That means no out of pocket expense to you.

* Offer subject to private health insurance being processed through HICAPS and will depend on your level of cover and annual limit available


Your Absolute Footcare Podiatrist is able to diagnose and treat any complications which affect the lower limb, including sports and musculoskeletal injuries, skin and nail disorders, corns, calluses and ingrown toenails.

See a more comprehensive list of Common Conditions treated by your Absolute Footcare Podiatrist.

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